Lee Carmichael

Lee_Carmichael_image_1 Lee Carmichael

Lee Carmichael is a director of PDC Lawyers and Town Planners. His expertise is in the field of property development consultancy services and town planning.

Lee commenced his work as a town planner in 2003 with Shoalhaven City Council. This then led to a successful career in private practice which commenced in 2005 when Lee joined a south coast based surveying, civil engineering, project management and town planning firm.

In 2012, Lee established his own consulting firm Lee Carmichael Town Planning (LCTP). During this time, Lee successfully serviced the local property and development industry with expert town planning and property development consultancy services. In 2017 LCTP merged with PDC Lawyers, the result being, the evolution of the PDC brand to become PDC Lawyers and Town Planners.

Lee has considerable experience in obtaining Council approval for residential development projects including land subdivisions, multi-unit developments and residential apartment buildings. Further to this, Lee has a great deal of experience in the field of commercial and industrial property developments. In his time as a consultant town planner, he has overseen and successfully obtained development consent for literally hundreds of projects.

Lee enjoys his spare time with his young family on the south coast of NSW. His weekends usually involve camping, fishing, hitting the beach and the odd sample of craft beer.

Lee’s ability to explain complex problems in plain English helps his clients feel comfortable and in control of their project.