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Alex has worked both privately and as an in-house solicitor for local councils where he honed his skills as a key advisor, advising on all matters related to local government and planning and often appearing in the Land and Environment Court of NSW.

Alex has been practising in the field of environmental planning law since his admission to practice in 2011. Since that time, he has acted for a number of councils throughout the South Coast, Southern Highlands, the Southern Tablelands, Sydney and the Mid-North Coast. 

Alex has advised both public and private clients relating to property and contractual disputes, criminal enforcement action, civil environmental enforcement action, the operation of various statutes including the Local Government Act 1993 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, tendering requirements, leasing and licencing of public land, probity and policy and procedure.

Having acted for councils on numerous enforcement matters, Alex has advised and assisted councils in the evidence gathering process, preparation and execution of search warrants and the enforcement process through to its litigated end. Alex has a keen understanding of the law as it applies to a council’s powers to investigate and the benefit of alternative dispute resolution.

Alex has prosecuted environmental offenders in both the Local Court, the Land and Environment Court of NSW and the Court of Appeal, and has commenced civil action on behalf of councils pursuant to contraventions of the planning system. Alex has negotiated and prepared complex agreements on behalf of councils with other public and private entities, including the Commonwealth Government.

Alex has drafted various tender contracts, expressions of interest and requests for quotes on behalf of councils, including waste management and recycling contracts, e-waste stewardship agreements, funding agreements, design and construction agreements and other service-based contracts.

Alex has also sat on evaluation committees of selected tenders, which has afforded him a unique perspective of the tender process and probity.

Alex has honed his skills as a key advisor, advising on all matters related to local government and planning.